Sofia Lee – My Girl’s Double Is Anal Trouble [AssPornTV]


Sofia Lee is a hot brunette with big natural tits and a round booty to match. When her and her roommate pick the same outfit for the day, it’s a fashion fight. Her roommate’s boyfriend can’t believe his eyes. Eventually, Sofia flips her roommate the bird and goes off to do some laundry.

As she looks through her things in the dryer, she jams herself right in there. Suddenly, she’s stuck. Charlie hears her cries for help, but he is mystified by her beautiful ass. Sofia shakes her ass in the air and Charlie yanks down her tights. This isn’t really going to help her get unjammed from the dryer but it’s way more fun. Sofia’s ass gives him a wink of invitation, and in goes a finger. So, he starts to blast off but not before pouring copious amounts of oil on her ass and making it a slip slidy good time. Finally, they fuck their way out of the dryer and Charlie claims he’s been bamboozled.

Actors: sofia lee

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