Valentina Nappi – My Boss’s Ass Needs Some Assistance [AssPornTV]


You see…sometimes my boss Valentina Nappi is an asshole. She be gettin stressed easy and then shouting & yelling….this bitch even threw stuff at me a few times!

I’d quit quick AF normally except…I need the money…and my boss is kinda sexy. She be wearing the sexiest, tightest outfits that show off ALL her curves. Bitch ass phat AF. Seeing her gettin mad lookin all good is a turn on. She got this sexy Italian accent too?? Her mean face makes my dick feel REAL nice.

Her husband been out of town on a work trip for the last week so she been extra mean since its stuff he would normally take care of that now she got to do. Today she called me to her house and said to hurry TF up. Sound like she got something major for me to do….

Actors: valentina nappi

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