Stacia Si – Sexy Little Russian Doubles The Pleasure [AssPornTV]


Russian brunette Stasia Si has had a hard day at the office. But she knows how to relieve the stress as soon as she gets home: she throws off her clothes and starts furiously fingering herself, flashing her petite pink pussy in your face for you to enjoy as she flicks the bean both from in front and behind. But her cries of pleasure alert her roommate, Willy Regal, that something is up. He walks in on Stasia and she doesn’t let up on her self-pleasuring for a moment, so he sidles in and takes over from her fingers by giving her a proper gash servicing with his veiny staff. After he decides to up the ante by giving it to her in the ass, Stasia looks up and sees their other roommate, Vega, watching them and jerking off! What the fuck?!? But Stasia’s too in the moment to stop.

Actors: stacia si

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