Layla Price – Layla Wants Her Ass Destroyed [AssPornTV]


Being a willing victim to be used as a sex object is a rare gift to have. Fortunately, Layla Price has this to share to the world. With the help of the man, James Deen, we’ll get to see her ass hole gets wrecked hard like a mosh pit on a Metallica concert. She slowly reveals what she’s made of. Her big tits and great ass is enough to make James Deen come over with a raging boner. Now, to properly establish that Layla is ready to be treated less than a human, James places her on top of the table like a fuck object on a pedestal. Afterwards, Layla stands up and gives James a kiss before completely laying down and making him eat her ass out. To level the playing field, James made her kneel down and have her suck him off in a rough way.

After some time, she bends over and offers up her ass hole. James takes up the offer and starts pounding that slut of an ass to his liking. He pulls out for a second and made her suck it off again then he sits down and let Layla ride that dick with her taint. Layla just rubs herself off in the process to have more fun. Eventually, James stands up and bent her over again. While being fucked in this position, you might be seeing a camera angle that made Layla look like she’s riding a roller coaster ride. Looks fun but James made her lie down again to give him a classic view on the fucking. He just flip her over several times to fuck her in different angles.

Actors: layla price

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