Crystal Rush – Strip Search [AssPornTV]


Crystal Rush is on her way to Russia when she is flagged during her airport security screening. Two security agents take her to an interrogation room for a secondary screening. They inform her that something suspicious has been detected by the x-ray machine. Crystal insists she has nothing to hide and fully intends to flirt and fuck her way out of trouble. While Logan interrogates her, Markus conducts a cavity search and finds out the suspicious object flagged is a butt plug. However, instead of asking her to take it out, he starts playing with it while Logan continues to question her. Crystal tries her best to contain her moans, but Logan eventually discovers what is going on. He joins Markus, giving the slutty traveler two cocks to suck. DP fans can rejoice as Crystal is more than happy to fuck her way out of trouble.

Actors: crystal rush

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