Bella Rolland – Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace [AssPornTV]


Bella Rolland is in the passenger seat of a car being driven by Jay. Bella is wearing a wedding gown and looking excited but nervous. In the house, Bella is retrieving her grandmother’s necklace when she’s startled by Jay showing up behind her. Jay helps put on Bella’s necklace, revealing that they were once boyfriend and girlfriend before Bella got with Jay’s brother. The whole act of him putting on the necklace seems increasingly possessive and threatening as Bella begins to get nervous. Finally, Jay’s jealous rage erupts as he rips the back of Bella’s dress where the zipper is and they have an angry confrontation. Bella wants Jay to bring her back to the wedding but he refuses. He vents more about how much he resents Bella and Gavin’s relationship and how it should’ve been HIM she’s marrying.

Actors: bella rolland

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